KOMTEK, Supporting The Future Today...

KomTek is a technical support company providing support to small and medium sized businesses that cannot afford to have their in house technical team.

Many business owners are frustrated by the hassles of managing their computers in a cost effective manner. KomTek addresses all aspects of computer management and will save you money & time. Through KomTek you also get unlimited premium support from our entire team of computer professionals! Join our list of clients who have realized growth through using KomTek. Let KomTek deliver greater performance through better use of your resources.

  • We can spot problems before they disrupt your business
  • Eliminate your computer networking issues
  • Faster response for immediate problem resolution
  • Provide Unlimited onsite and remote support
  • Establish a predictable monthly budget for IT
  • Single point of contact to manage all hardware and
    software support
  • Strategic planning to better utilize your technology investment
  • 24X7 network monitoring and maintenance
  • Anti-Virus Monitoring
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