Computer |Server|Laptop Repair

Computer|Server Repair

Once you start using your computer, you will face functional and performance problems which is quite normal. Regular optimization is the main key in order to enhance the overall performance. In order to prepare yourself against any common problems it is necessary to first identify those problems so that you are not in a situation of solving the problem with adequate resources. Computer problems are categorized in two sections, Hardware and Software.  Below are some of the common hardware/software problems that can be diagnosed and repaired:

  • Computer performance is slow
  • Freezing and blue screen (commonly known as BSOD)
  • Booting Problems
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Hard drive failure
  • Memory RAM failure
  • Optical drive failure
  • Malfunctioning cooling system and over heating



Upgrades for both Desktops and Laptops:

  • Memory RAM upgrade
  • Change or Replacing hard drive
  • Adding hard drives
  • Change or replacing optical drives

Laptop Repair

Now a days Laptops are used more than any other times for business or personal purposes, therefore, chance of having problems with laptops are much higher than desktops since they are portable. Laptops encounter all desktop problems as well as few more which you can see below. Our engineers are fully trained and can resolve all problems and fix any make and models of Notebooks and Netbooks.

Common Laptop Problems:

  • Laptop won’t start or sudden shuts down
  • Laptop booting problems,
  • BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)
  • Virus or spyware infection.
  • Laptop or Netbook is very slow.
  • Broken laptop screen LCD or LED.
  • Laptop power jack or adapter.
  • Laptop's motherboard repair


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